Oh, fuck off.
Si por gilipollas me caí, por cabrona me levanto.
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liz gillies + eyebrow appreciation

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Jade West + Emojis

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Liz Gillies as Callie Ross in Killing Daddy

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victorious memefive friendships (3/5): catorade

"candy canes and mistletoe, jack frost nipping at your nose!" 

"What does Liz Gillies do?” “Taxidermy.”

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Liz Gillies in Killing Daddy
Premieres July 5th @ 8 pm on Lifetime

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"Fun fact: the only reason I’m excited to turn 21 is so that I can get into karaoke bars."

Happy 21st Birthday Elizabeth Egan Gillies! (July 26, 1993)

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